5 star ratingI thought Mission Fence was very professional. Everything went very smoothly. They came to give me a free estimate. Arrived to do the job on time. Cleaned up the mess and left everything very neat and clean. I used them at my former residence about 10 years ago and decided to call them back and got great service again. I would definately recommend them. They have always given great service.
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Rhonda G.

Pico Rivera Fencing

For all your fencing service needs in Pico Rivera, what fencing company can you turn to? Unable to find a fencing company that can complete services with quality and professionalism? Mission Fence & Patio Builders is a fencing company solely dedicated to providing the most professional fencing jobs and knowledge when it comes to all property fencing matters. Mission Fence & Patio Builders have been in operation since 1964, always striving to serve the community of Pico Rivera and surrounding areas with their fencing and gate service needs. No fencing or gate job is too tough for our fencing contractors to handle!

Local Pico Rivera Fencing Company You Can Trust

What makes Mission Fence & Patio Builders one of the leading fencing companies in Pico Rivera? We are committed to being the local fencing service company you can trust, one that handles all fencing and gate jobs with expertise, knowledge, and reliability. Our fencing and gate construction services are done with devoted craftsmanship, using top-quality materials. Gone are the days of wondering, is there a fencing service near me I can actually rely on for quality jobs? Yes, Mission Fence & Patio Builders is right here in Pico Rivera.

Happy customers rave about our five-star services. A fencing contractor from Mission Fence & Patio Builders will always be friendly and attentive to a client’s needs. We go the extra mile and are always willing to perform fencing and gate services that other companies may not. Customization is something we always offer to customers, and we want to make sure clients can make their fencing visions come to life exactly as they’ve pictured and wanted them!

Mission Fence & Patio Builders’ Fencing Options

Your property needs the proper fencing for security and to bring the look of your property together. Different property types will call for different fencing options, and you need a company that will provide options to suit your property. Luckily for you, Mission Fence & Patio Builders in Pico Rivera offers all types of fencing and gate options. We are happy to walk clients’ through their needs and property types to see what fencing option is the best fit for them. Whether you need chain-link fencing, wooden fencing, and more, turn to our team for the best installation, repair, and replacement fencing services!

Pico Rivera property owners come to us because they know we will always deliver fencing and gate services of the highest caliber. What fence or gate style can we design, create, install, or replace for your property? Our fencing and gate options include:

Vinyl Fencing

Mission Fence & Patio is a Pico Rivera vinyl fencing company you can trust for durable and stylish vinyl fences. Vinyl fences are very popular for homes and certain businesses, because they enhance a property’s appearance while maintaining unmatched resistance. If you need vinyl fence repair, vinyl fence replacement, and any other vinyl fencing service, trust our expert team to get those matters handled in a timely manner.

Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing can add a number of benefits to your property. For a chain-link company that can expertly provide chain-link services when an issue strikes your property, contact Mission Fence & Patio Builders in Pico Rivera! Whether you need chain-link fence replacement, chain-link fence repair, or any other chain-link fence service, call our company to get the job done!

Wood Fencing

At Mission Fence & Patio Builders, we always put in the work to make homeowners happy. Especially when it comes to beautiful wood fencing. For a wood fencing company that has decades of experience designing, constructing, installing, and replacing wood fencing, call our company! Working with a wood fencing contractor from Mission Fence & Patio Builders in Pico Rivera will ensure your wood fencing service, whether a wood fence repair, wood fence replacement, design, and whatever else, goes by without a single hitch!

Iron Fencing

When your property needs protective iron gates, you want to make sure they’re constructed by an iron gate company using the sturdiest and high-quality materials. At Mission Fence & Patio, we don’t cut corners when it comes to our materials. We use top-notch materials for top-notch fencing jobs! We are a popular iron gate company you can always trust. Also, we are highly specialized in designing and creating amazing wrought iron gates. If you need repairs and replacements for a wrought iron gate, we’ve got the job handled.

Electric Gates

An electric gate can bring comfort, ease, and security to your property. Are you looking to install a professional electric gate on your property that will improve accessibility and protection? Turn to an electric gate company with years of experience repairing and installing electric gates. If you are looking for a new set of electric gates that will instantly enhance your property, give us a call.

Commercial Fencing

Your commercial property is very valuable to you, and you want to keep it fenced off and protected! Whether a warehouse property or other job site, commercial fencing is a breeze when you’re working with a commercial fencing contractor from Mission Fence & Patio Builders in Pico Rivera. Whether you’re operating with merchandise, machinery, and more, you’ll be at ease knowing your commercial fencing is excelling at its job!

No matter your fencing needs, turn to a fencing company that’s seen it all and successfully worked through the fencing replacements and installations of thousands of Pico Rivera residents. We love to work with our customers to make sure they are getting exactly what they paid for, providing high-quality fencing supplies and customization as well.

Need Fencing? Call Mission Fence & Patio Builders!

Your property deserves fencing that is sturdy, reliable, and can even enhance its appearance. For all fencing matters, whether you’re in need of repairs, replacements, custom designs, and so on, you can turn to the reliable and friendly contractors at Mission Fence & Patio Builders! We are always diligent to the needs of our clients. Call us now to get started on receiving your free estimate for a high-quality fencing job you won’t forget!