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Covina Fencing

When fencing issues arise and you don’t know who to turn to, Mission Fence & Patio Builders is the fencing company you need! With decades of experience, dedication to craftsmanship and completing services with the finest top-notch materials, our fencing contractors will make sure your property is perfectly equipped with the right fencing. If your Covina property is in need of fencing repairs, replacements, and installations, give us a call today to get started. We also provide help with creating custom fencing designs for your property, so you can add unique structures and key details.

You shouldn’t have to wait for skillful fencing services, so we won’t delay!

Need a Local Fencing Service Company in Covina?

At Mission Fence & Patio Builders, we are committed to providing expertise to all property owners when it comes to their fencing and gates. Since our beginnings in 1964, we have been serving the community in all matters of fencing, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Master services and expert knowledge from reliable professionals is what you can count on when working with a fencing contractor from our company. For any service your Covina property needs, depend on Mission Fence & Patio Builders for unbeatable services.

If dealing with unreliable fencing companies has left you wondering, is there a fencing service near me I can even turn to? Mission Fence & Patio Builders is the solution. We are committed to leaving behind happy and satisfied customers after every service is done. When Covina residents need five-star fencing services, they call our company every single time! Clients’ budgets are always taken into extensive consideration at Mission Fence & Patio Builders, which is why we always offer free estimates during consultations for a number of fencing jobs. Looking to get started on a fencing service? There’s no need to wait any further. Give us a call today!

Fencing Mission Fence & Patio Builders Works With in Covina

Whether you need fencing work for your home or place of business, Mission Fence & Patio Builders offers a variety of fencing services for all types of fencing. No matter what type of fencing you may have, our contractors will always be prepared with thorough expertise and exceptional materials and supplies. What kind of fencing does your property have? Are you looking to install completely new fencing on your property, but are unsure where to start? Whether repairs, installations, replacements, and other services are needed for your Covina property, Mission Fence & Patio Builders works with a variety of fences, such as:

Vinyl Fencing

Are you looking for vinyl fencing for your home? Do you need vinyl fence replacement or vinyl fence repair as soon as possible to get your property back to normal? Our vinyl fencing company will get the job done in no time. For any vinyl fencing services, you can trust our fencing contractors! We will get your vinyl fencing service done quickly and with long lasting solutions that don’t break the bank. Your vinyl fences are in the best hands with Mission Fence & Patio Builders!

Chain-Link Fencing

Mission Fence & Patio Builders is a respectable Covina chain-link fencing company that will do any chain-link fencing service your property needs to stay secure. Take care of a rusted chain-link fence with chain-link fence repair or chain-link fence replacement. We can also create chain-link fencing for any home or property without delay, so your property can get that extra layer of protection and you can have peace of mind.

Wood Fencing

For a wood fencing company you can trust to complete wood fence repair, wood fence replacement, and any other wood fencing service in the city of Covina, call Mission Fence & Patio Builders! A wood fencing contractor from our reliable team will get to work on completing any wood fence services you need, so your home or business can excel and be protected once again!

Iron Fencing

Iron gates are meant to be sturdy and dependable for any Covina property. Trust our iron gate company to get started on any iron gate service you need. Our contractors also work with wrought iron gates. We will leave your wrought iron gate in perfect condition, whether you need repairs, replacements, and more.

Electric Gates

For electric gates that add security and easier accessibility to your property, call Mission Fence & Patio Builders. Our Covina electric gate company has a long history of attending to repairs and installations of automatic electric gates. Take the first step toward handy new electric gates for your property by working with our team!

Commercial Fencing

Give yourself reassurance that your commercial property is securely tucked away with the most well-made commercial fencing. A commercial fencing contractor from Mission Fence & Patio Builders will work alongside you to make sure your commercial property is surrounded by quality commercial fencing! For all commercial fencing repairs and replacements, we’ll take over as well.


Whether you need fencing repairs, replacements, or installations for your property, Mission Fence & Patio Builders is the Covina fencing company you should call. Our company has been in practice for many decades, and we have only gotten better when it comes to fencing services. If you are looking for design help to bring forth unique fencing for your property, you won’t find a more dedicated group than our company. Let us handle your property’s fencing, and you will be completely satisfied and reassured with our services!

Contact Mission Fence & Patio Builders for All Fencing Services in Covina!

Your property’s fencing can need repairs when you least expect them. Old fencing can break, rust, and more. When this happens, you need a professional fencing company in Covina that will provide timely and professional services as soon as possible! Mission Fence & Patio Builders is a local fencing company you can trust to handle your fencing needs with the utmost professionalism and attention! Whether you need fencing installations, repairs, replacements, and more, we’ll take it from here. Contact Mission Fence & Patio Builders for all fencing services in Covina, and we’ll deliver every time!