5 star ratingWent in Friday and picked up a spring for my gate! Great service and very knowledgeable on their products! Great price and very friendly people! Thank you for your help!
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Duarte Fencing

If you need new fencing for your Duarte property, you want to make sure it is built to last, durable, and using top-quality materials. For all fencing service needs, rely on a fencing company with decades of experience providing top-notch services, such as repairs, installations, replacements, etc. Mission Fence & Patio Builders in Duarte is the go-to fencing company for all property owners looking for unmatched fencing services in the city! We are local, committed, and ready to get to work on all your fencing needs.

What Makes Mission Fence & Patio Builders A Preferred Local Fencing Service Company in Duarte?

Mission Fence & Patio Builders stands out from all other fencing companies in Duarte! What makes us a leading choice for property owners when it comes to their fence and gate service needs?

  • Knowledge- We have been in business since 1964. Our extensive years of working for many property owners in bringing their fencing back to amazing condition, installing new fences, and so on, has allowed us to gain a heavy range of knowledge when it comes to fencing.
  • Service and reliability- A fencing contractor from Mission Fence & Patio Builders is not only equipped when it comes to expertise and the right supplies for fencing, but they are also committed to providing five-star services. Our fencing contractors are knowledgeable and friendly. Happy customers always rave about our company!
  • Craftsmanship- Durable fencing does not come from just any materials. At Mission Fence & Patio Builders, we use top-quality supplies for all fencing jobs. Our attention to detail and close attention to customer needs is what allows us to bring their desired fencing to life.
  • Budget-friendly- You shouldn’t go into a fencing job fearing for the safety of your budget. Fencing problems can be small one second and get bigger the next, bringing expensive repairs and replacements with them. Mission Fence & Patio Builders takes your budget needs into consideration. We offer free estimates to be transparent with home and business owners about the cost of their fencing services.
  • Locality- Mission Fence & Patio Builders is completely local to the city of Duarte, and we are never too far away to answer any sudden fencing emergency call. You’re probably tired of asking, where is a reliable fencing service near me? Skip the hunting process for a dependable company, and just give Mission Fence & Patio Builders a call today!


As a dedicated Duarte fencing company, we offer a range of services, and work with an assortment of fence and gating as well. Don’t hesitate to call us for fencing services, as further delays can just end up costing you and your property protection and reassurance in the long-run!

Our Duarte Fencing and Gate Services

A fencing company that offers extensive professional fencing services may be hard to find. Luckily for Duarte property owners, Mission Fence & Patio Builders is here to produce amazing fencing services. Whether you need repairs or brand-new fencing on your property, here is the fencing our expert crew works with on a daily basis:

Vinyl Fencing

Perfect for homes and businesses, our dedicated vinyl fencing company will install new vinyl fences on your property, complete vinyl fence repair, vinyl fence replacement, and any other vinyl fencing service you need. Vinyl fencing is durable and made to last, also offering a boost to any property’s appearance. Our contractors will waste no time in getting to work on your vinyl fencing services.

Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is perfect for construction sites, businesses, and other properties. Mission Fence & Patio Builders is a trusted chain-link fencing company in Duarte that can complete any chain-link fencing service in no time. Get old or broken chain-link fencing a much-needed chain-link fence repair or chain-link fence replacement from our professional fencing contractors.

Wood Fencing

Perfect for homes and businesses, a wood fencing service is best handled by a renowned wood fencing company like Mission Fence & Patio Builders. Work with a wood fencing contractor from our crew for wood fence repair, wood fence replacement, and installation. Give your property an improved appearance with classic and sturdy wood fencing!

Iron Fences

If you are looking into powerful and strong iron gates for your property, trust our iron gate company to complete the installation job as soon as possible. Any iron gate service is handled by our reliable contractors as well. We also work with wrought iron gates, and can provide a wrought iron gate repair and installation as needed.

Electric Gates

Add security and accessibility to your property with new electric gates. Our Duarte electric gate company handles repairs, replacements, and installation of automatic electric gates. You’ll be reassured you’re working with the most reliable professionals when you call our crew!

Commercial Fencing

A commercial fencing contractor that goes the extra mile for your property shouldn’t be hard to find, especially when you’re working with Mission Fence & Patio Builders. Keep your commercial property protected with reliable and well-made commercial fencing. We also handle additional repairs and replacements of commercial fencing as needed, so you can get back to focusing on what really matters in your business!

At Mission Fence & Patio Builders, the client always has the final say. If you are looking for any fencing services in Duarte, work with our professional team. We also offer customization and design, so your fencing can be exactly as you’ve pictured it. With our company, no fencing idea is impossible, and we go the extra mile to provide top-notch services with friendly attitudes.

Call Mission Fence & Patio Builders For Duarte Fencing!

Your property in Duarte deserves well-built fencing that lasts a long long time. For all matters of fencing repairs, replacements, and installations, skip the hunt for a fencing company and just call Mission Fence & Patio Builders. We are committed to providing expertise, friendly contractors, and a fencing job well done. Design your future fencing with us, and let us work our magic to bring your Duarte fencing to life! Call Mission Fence & Patio Builders today to get started on your Duarte fencing projects!