5 star ratingFast workers and reliable all around, showed up on time and great work ethic, the fence looks great. Will post photos shortly.

They send their own employees which we prefer and we dealt directly with the business and not pushy sales agents who arrange for subcontractors, like so many shady "home improvement" outfits who I steer clear of.

The estimator also showed up on time and followed up soon with an emailed estimate.I come from a family of contractors going back to the early 1900s and this is a traditional building company, not like a lot of fly by night outfits with fake reviews I see a lot of on Yelp.
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Carolyn R.

Pasadena Fencing

Quality fencing can make a huge difference in any property. Fences and gates can add security and accessibility for many, which is why businesses and homeowners always seek the most respectable fencing jobs from a company they can trust. Mission Fence & Patio Builders is a Pasadena fencing company that can help meet your property’s needs for sturdy and beautiful fencing. Looking for a local fencing service to get started on your big fencing project? Look no further!


Why Choosing Our Pasadena Fencing Service Just Works!

Regarded as one of Pasadena’s most known and preferred fencing companies, Mission Fence & Patio Builders can provide expert fences and gates to fit your vision. Our dedicated fencing contractors have been serving the community since 1964. If you’ve asked yourself, where can I find a fencing service near me I can rely on? Mission Fence & Patio Builders is the choice for you. We have the knowledge from years of experience to complete all fencing services, whether you need repairs, replacements, and more. Our dedication to customers and providing five-star service is unmatched, which is why you’ll hear many Pasadena residents say they call Mission Fence & Patio Builders for all their fencing needs!

Whether you are looking to get vinyl fencing, iron gates, commercial fencing, electric gates, and more, don’t hesitate to turn to Mission Fence & Patio Builders. We work alongside customers to make sure their requirements are met and their questions are thoroughly met. Quality materials and expert services are our main goals. We even make sure to provide free estimates, so you can be sure your budget needs are taken into consideration. What are you waiting for? We look forward to working with you!

Explore Our Fencing Options for Your Property

In this day and age, fencing can look a lot different for a variety of home and business properties. Fencing can serve different purposes, whether you want something aesthetically pleasing and reliable for your home, secure and protective for your business, and even fencing that will keep parks or other public places squared off and guarded. The decision is yours to make, so you can have a starting point when working with a professional fencing contractor. What kind of fencing do you envision for your property?

If you are on the fence (pun intended) about what fence or gate works for your home or other property, let us tell you more about your options when you work with our professional fencing team in Pasadena! At Mission Fence & Patio Builders, we believe strongly in making sure clients are satisfied with their order, as well as understanding how certain fencing can benefit their property the most. Here is the fencing we provide, so you can decide which one works for you!


Versatile Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are durable and can instantly brighten up a property. Let our expert vinyl fencing company enhance the look of your home with a beautiful vinyl fence. We also offer any distinguished vinyl fencing service, whether you are looking for vinyl fence repair, vinyl fence replacement, vinyl fence installation, and other vinyl fence services in Pasadena!

Reliable Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing can be used for a variety of places, such as construction sites, schools, parks, etc. If you are looking for a reputable chain-link fencing company to learn more about a chain-link fencing service on your property, give us a call. We handle chain-link fence repair, chain-link fence replacement, and many other services.

Classic Wood Fencing

Still preferred by many homeowners for the timelessness of its appearance, wood fencing is a go-to if you want your residential property or business to have a cozy effect. We are an established Pasadena wood fencing company that offers a variety of services, such as wood fence repair, wood fence replacement, installation, design, and more. Connect with a wood fencing contractor from Pasadena through Mission Fence & Patio Builders who will walk you through the construction of the wooden fence of your dreams!

Powerful Iron Fences

Iron gates are strong and sturdy gates that can provide much-desired security to a number of varied properties. Mission Fence & Patio Builders has been regarded as a dependable iron gate company that provides sturdy iron gates to businesses and homeowners alike. We are happy to discuss all matters of wrought iron gates with interested clients, considering how secure and impenetrable they seem. For an iron gate service to a wrought iron gate, let our team intervene and get the job done.

Modern Electric Gates

Electric gates can be a gamechanger when it comes to offering security and accessibility to Pasadena property owners. Mission Fence & Patio Builders is a commendable electric gate company, and our contractors will walk you through the process of installation for handy new electric gates. Add security, style, and accessibility to your home with a brand new set of electric gates.

Durable Commercial Fencing

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safely protected, commercial fencing needs to be durable and of high-quality material. For all your Pasadena commercial fencing needs, turn to Mission Fence & Patio Builders. Keep merchandise, warehouses, and more safely secure. Contact us today to get connected to a commercial fencing contractor to further secure and enhance your commercial property.

We also offer customized design when you’re looking for fencing that adheres to the qualities of your property. Connect with us to learn more about designing your fencing!

Give Mission Fence & Patio Builders a Call Today!

If your home or commercial property needs a sturdy new fence for security, give us a call. Maybe you’d like to go with classic wooden fencing or modern electric gates. Pasadena residents know they can call Mission Fence & Patio Builders to be connected with fencing contractors who will listen to their needs and address them thoroughly. For reliable professional service, top-notch materials, and fence or gate services to leave your property looking amazing, give Mission Fence & Patio Builders a call today! You’ll be one step closer to the fence that will complete your property!